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Varicose Veins are lower limb veins that have become twisted and enlarged. They may be responsible for symptoms such as pain, discomfort, fatigue and a sensation of heaviness in the legs. In more advanced stages of the illness, it is possible the emergence of wounds, bleedings and vein inflammation (phlebitis and ulcers). These latter conditions may cause severe pain and suffering, leading to precocious invalidity of patients. Although being a chronic condition (Chronic Venous Disease), when treated soon and in the early stages of the illness, very successful results can be achieved and patient health and satisfaction guaranteed.


Vascular Surgery

Vein Schlerotherapy

When adequately applied, this method (schlerotherapy) shows the best results in treating the majority of varicose veins and telangiectasia.



Transcutaneous Laser / Radiofrequency

This is an alternative method to treat specific cases of telangiectasia, when appointed by the vascular surgeon. It is the gold-standard treatment for specific vascular lesions, which occur in other body parts such as the face.


Endovascular Laser (E.V.L.T)

Combined surgical treatment method, with administration of local anesthesia, without hospitalization. This practice consists in the total obliteration of interior veins by laser beams through optical fiber, without being necessary to surgically remove them (a technique known as stripping). It is practically painless; there are no hematomas and the post-surgery is excellent with no need for immobilization of the lower limbs and with a 3 to 5 total recovery period.

  • - Lower Risk
  • - More economic
  • - More comfort


Vascular Rehabilitation


Vascular Rehabilitation:
Cellulite Treatments - Mesotherapy

A simple and highly effective treatment in the treatment of excess weight and cellulite cases. Through microinjections applied under the dermis, the Mesotherapy technique, successfully treats most Cellulite cases and Chronic Lymphovenous Edemas (swellings).




Vascular Rehabilitation:
Lymphatic drainage and Cellulite treatment - Endermology

A non-invasive technique that treats cellulite and lymphovenous in a safe and effective way, minimizing any possible risks. With our modern high-technology Endermology equipment we deliver the best results by improving drainage of the lymphovenous system.


Exams and Methods of Diagnosis


Non-invasive method of diagnosis (Vasculat Ecography) aimed at detecting, quantifying and monitoring vascular, arterial and venous diseases (varicose veins) and thrombophlebitis.


Other Specialties

Clinical Analysis
Laboratory Diagnostic Center.

Dra. Celeste Formosinho


Plastic surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery; Aesthetic surgery (facial, breast and body contour); Complementary procedures (fillings with hyaluronic acid and adipose tissue, botulinum toxin treatments and mesotherapy).



Sleep Consultation

Insomnia (all ages).
Sleep disorders in babies and children.
Dra. Maria Serra Brandão